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    Food Allergy and Your Kiddo Articles & Podcast Episodes

    Children with Celiac Disease and other food issues can have happy, healthy lives.

    Celiac Disease: What It Is and Isn’t and What To Do About It

    Celiac disease is a condition that affects millions of people all over the world but is often misunderstood. Celiac disease is not a “wheat allergy” or a “gluten sensitivity.” It is an inappropriate immune response to gluten, and it can have serious consequences if left untreated. In this post, we will break down what Celiac

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    Do food allergies cause eczema? Here are the facts!

    Food allergies are a hot topic right now. There seems to be a new food allergy every day, and many people are wondering if food allergies cause eczema. The answer is no – food allergies do not cause eczema. However, atopic dermatitis (eczema) is a risk factor for developing food allergies. In this blog post,

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    What is EOE and what role does IgE play in this food allergy?

    Has your kiddo been diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis, also called EOE? If so, then you may be wondering what this really means. EOE is a food allergy disorder that causes inflammation of the esophagus. An eosinophil is a type of allergy cell, and the esophagus is the swallowing tube that connects the mouth to the

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    What are non-IgE-mediated food allergies, like FPIES and FPIAP?

    Do you know what non-IgE-mediated food allergies are? If not, you’re not alone. Many people have never heard of food allergies that are not mediated by IgE, such as FPIES, FPE, and FPIAP. These types of food allergies are different from IgE-mediated food allergies, which are more common. In this post, we will describe non-IgE-mediated

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    What are IgE-mediated, life-threatening food allergies?

    Did you know that food allergies can be life-threatening? It’s true. In fact, anaphylaxis is a life-threatening allergic reaction that can occur when someone eats a food to which they are allergic. In most cases, the type of food allergy that is life-threatening is IgE-mediated food allergy. In this article, we will discuss IgE-mediated food

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    The New Orleans Superdome turned teal for Food Allergy Awareness Week!

    The Superdome turned teal for Food Allergy Awareness Week!

    To kick off Food Allergy Awareness Week, the New Orleans Superdome turned teal! New Orleans has one of the best, most diverse food scenes in the world, and the Superdome is one of the largest and most well-known stadiums in the world. So what a great way to start this important week! Special thanks to

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    Can allergies cause swollen lymph nodes? Here’s the answer!

    Does your kiddo ever have swollen lymph nodes? Do you wonder if food allergies or seasonal allergies or pet allergies are to blame? If so, you’re not alone. This is a common question that many parents consider, especially during the spring when allergies can be at their worst. In this post, we will answer that

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    picture of red ring pop with child in background

    Are Ring Pops Gluten-Free? How to Determine if Snacks are Safe!

    Have you ever wondered if Ring Pops are gluten-free? Or maybe you’ve wondered if Saf-T-Pops are indeed safe for your kiddo with peanut allergy? When it comes to determining whether a food is safe for someone with a food allergy, food intolerance, or specific diet, there are three steps to success. Step 1. Know what

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    Disney World Food Allergy

    Disney Planning Tips for Families with Food Allergy

    Disney and food allergy go together like Mickey and Minnie! If you’ve ever been to Walt Disney World, then you know that a lot of planning goes into those magical memories. If your kiddo has food allergy, then you may also know how accomodating Disney is for dietary differences. And if you have food allergy

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    Food allergy and counseling

    De-Stress with Strategies from Tamara Hubbard, LCPC How often do you worry about your kiddo who has food allergy? And have you ever wondered if that amount of worry is “normal” ? Tune in to this episode of the Food Allergy and Your Kiddo Podcast with me, Dr. Alice Hoyt, and my good friend Pam

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    anaphylaxis Allison Rose

    Turning anaphylaxis tragedy into purpose

    Death from anaphylaxis is rare. But when it happens to your child, the rarity of it doesn’t matter. And how do you move forward? Here is what the Suhy’s do… The Allison Rose Foundation is fighting anaphylaxis. I’m honored to be joined on this episode with Mike and Becca Suhy of the Allison Rose Foundation. Mike

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    Food allergy school policies

    Schools develop food allergy related policies to try to keep kids safe, but how many of these policies are evidence-based?  And how do policies impact the emotional well-being of kiddos with food allergy? Let’s discuss what’s being investigated in school policies and food allergy! Join me as I talk with my colleague Ashley Lahoud of

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    food allergy parent needs

    Food allergy and parenting – the parent needs…

    When it comes to parenting a kiddo with food allergy, remembering that epi is only one of the many challenges faced. Three common themes amongst parents of kiddos with food allergy. When it comes to food allergy, parents have needs surrounding three themes: anxiety, the need for resources, and the concept that the experience is

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    School, Flying, and Food Allergy – What do the Experts Say?

    Kiddos have many challenges growing up in this global era, and, unfortunately, food allergy further complicates things like school and flying. But that where allergists can help provide you with evidence-based information on how to keep your kiddo safe and still lead a happy life! Interview with Dr. Matthew Greeenhawt on School, Flying, and Food

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    Food allergy on social media – ask an expert, but not on social.

    Social media is a relatively new world, and just as navigating the “real” world with food allergy can be challenging, navigating social media with allergy can cause its own issues. In theory, social media was intended to be a place where people could connect; however, if misused, it can become a place where kids –

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    Food allergy and bullying

    Bullying comes in many flavors, and when it’s related to your kiddo’s food allergy, it’s even more heart-breaking and can be challenging to address. Bullying a kiddo with food allergy – what to do? I’m delighted to have on the podcast my friend and colleague Jodi Shroba, CPNP, from Children’s Mercy Kansas City Food Allergy Center. Jodi

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    Parenting and school preparedness

    Co-host of the Food Allergy and Your Kiddo Podcast has picked her top three favorite posts! Topics Pam selected included parenting and being prepared for a medical emergency at school. Food allergy affects parenting and school life. Pam’s favorite episodes are three really tactical episodes regarding parenting, and school. Tune in to this episode to hear why

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    Research in treating early food allergy and on preventing anaphylaxis

    This past week, I attended the AAAAI meeting. My teams and I presented research posters on treating early food allergy and on treating and preventing anaphylaxis at schools. So we were pretty busy! And, more specifically, we discussed early peanut oral immunotherapy and the heterogeneity of stock epinephrine laws. Treating Food Allergy with Early Peanut

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    5 Steps to Medical Emergency Planning at School

    Medical emergencies can be scary and even scarier at school, but planning a response may seem daunting. So how can your kiddo’s school start to be prepared ? Medical emergencies happen, so response planning is critical When you think of emergencies at schools, fire drills and intruder alerts probably come to mind, and these are

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    Food allergy and nutrition strategies

    If your kiddo has a food allergy, then you may wonder “Is my Sweet Pea getting enough good nutrition despite the food allergy?” Food allergy and nutrition issues are questions that commonly within families of kiddos with food allergy, so I reached out to world renown food allergy and nutrition expert Carina Venter, PhD, RD, to get

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    Organize food allergy test results

    Maybe you have thought about this and somewhat organize your kiddo’s food allergy test results in a binder, or maybe you have the results available online. But just like in school when you have a better understanding of things when you write it out yourself, organizing your kiddo’s allergy test results can help you better

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    Food allergy testing and immune tolerance

    Yep, you read that title right: food allergy testing is not the be all, end all, as it does not tell us about immune tolerance. Did you know that positive skin and/or blood testing does not confirm food allergy is present? This is because food allergy skin testing and food allergy blood testing only tell

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    How an allergic reaction really works

    Have you ever wondered how an allergic reaction works? Wondered what is going on inside the human body during an allergic reaction? And what allows some people to have an allergic reaction while other people don’t have allergies? These are some of the questions I’m asked by my families of kiddos with food allergy, so

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    Goal-setting strategies for an amazing new year

    New Year’s resolutions can be stressful, right? Sometimes they seem so pass-fail that you avoid making one at all. That stress often comes from not having goal-setting strategies to help you get from your point A to point B. Does that sound like you? Or maybe you think you may have over-committed to your resolution

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    Food challenge safety: what say the data?

    The safety of a food challenge is probably the first thing that goes through your mind when your allergist suggests performing a food challenge with your Sweet Pea. You may be thinking, “S/He wants my kiddo to eat ______ even though Sweet Pea may be allergic to it? What if…” That’s completely normal and quite

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    Most Popular Food Allergy and Your Kiddo Podcast Episodes of 2020

    Did your favorite Food Allergy and Your Kiddo Podcast episode make the list? You can find a podcast on so many topics these days, and I’m so glad that you found this podcast and blog on food allergy! I started this blog and the podcast to provide good information on food allergy to families, especially

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    Can OIT help your kiddo eat safely at a restaurant?

    Oral immunotherapy – OIT – can make kiddos with food allergy like peanut allergy more tolerant of the allergen, but does that tolerance translate into the real world, like when eating at a restaurant? The short answer: yes.  What is OIT? Oral immunotherapy (OIT) is a treatment for food allergy. If your kiddo undergoes OIT,

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    How to read a medical journal article

    Have you ever wanted to read an article from a medical journal the way your doctor reads an article? Doctors learn how to read medical journal articles and other medical resources. The internet has allowed such medical information to be more easily accessible, allowing doctors to stay up-to-date with best practices. This availability of information

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    Food allergy prevention in babies

    Feeding babies potentially allergenic foods… what does the evidence say about food allergy prevention? Recommendations for when to feed babies certain foods have changed over the years, including recommendations on how on food allergy prevention. You may have had one set of recommendations for one child, then with another child, you had different recommendations! So

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    Food allergen labeling made easy!

    Have you ever attended a party and wished the food had been labeled for allergens? I know I have! Food allergen labeling is super helpful! IMHO, food allergen labeling makes meals taste better. This is because guests with food allergies feel more confident that the food is safe to enjoy. Labeling foods for allergens can

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    Online food allergy testing

    Read this before ordering any “food allergy” testing online! Okay, food allergy mama+papa, let’s talk about online food allergy testing. There is evidence-based testing and NON evidence-based testing, but differentiating between the two can be challenging, even for the most seasoned food allergy parent!  In this episode of the podcast, Pam and I discuss food

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    Parenting a Kiddo with Food Allergy

    Parenting is hard enough, but with food allergy too? Knowing the kryptonite is a great first step! Y’all, parenting ain’t easy (can I get a high-five, fist-bump, all from at least 6 feet away, of course), and parenting a kiddo with food allergy takes things to another level. You may feel like you are Super Mario

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    Gatherings, Parties, and Food Allergy

    Gatherings can be stressful, especially when managing food allergies! If your kiddo has food allergies, then gatherings – parties, tailgating, any food-associated get together (which, especially when you’re from the south, is basically any get-together) – can cause stress. You are worried, appropriately so, that your kiddo will eat something to which Sweet Pea is

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    Wheat Allergy or Gluten Sensitivity or Celiac or Something Else?

    Many folks ask me, “Dr. Hoyt, what’s the difference between a wheat allergy and gluten sensitivity and Celiac Disease?”  I also get asked, “Is gluten allergy a real thing?” This must be a hot topic because my co-host Pam recently had this discussion with one of her friends, so we decided to chat about it

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    School nurses are allergy superheroes

    When you think about what your school nurse does all day, you may think about your kiddo with food allergy (as you should!) and Sweet Pea’s epi auto-injector and action plan.  Or maybe you think of ice packs and bandaids?  Or maybe school health forms and vaccine records come to mind?  School nurses are true

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    How School Nurses are Preparing for Back-to-School with COVID

    Have you ever wondered how school nurses prepare for your kiddos with food allergy? Especially with COVID, how are school nurses getting ready to help their schools take best possible care of students with food allergies? I was honored to speak with one of my favorite groups of school nurses and provide guidance on this

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    6 Steps to a Successful Evacuation for Your Family with Food Allergy

    Are you wondering how to have a successful evacuation – hurricane, fire, etc. – with your kiddo who has food allergy? If so, then read on. The recent hurricane devastated parts of my home state.  Tragic.  From this, I was inspired to write an infoblog and record an accompanying podcast about evacuation preparedness for families

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    Ingestion challenges for babies

    A baby can have a peanut allergy, and the peanut challenge procedure determines that diagnosis. You’ve probably heard about doctors recommending babies eat peanut to prevent peanut allergy, and this recommendation differs from that of 20 years ago. At that time, doctors recommended babies avoid this potentially allergenic food. So there were not many ingestion

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    Back-To-School Checklist for Kiddos with Food Allergy

    This time of year for your kiddo with food allergy is already stressful. Plus, add COVID-19 to the stress of back-to-school, and heavens to Betsy… Where to begin? Here’s a checklist to help you be prepared!  I have been receiving many questions about back-to-school during COVID-19 and how to navigate pandemic-associated school changes in the

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    Truths and misconceptions about auto-injectors like EpiPen

    Do you know what information is true and what’s not true when it comes to epinephrine from an auto-injector like an EpiPen? EpiPens and other epinephrine auto-injectors can be intimidating. Plus, no one really wants to give or receive an injection of epinephrine. But if your kiddo has a food allergy, chances are you have

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    Food allergy and the nutrition label

    Especially during COVID, it’s important to know where to find your kiddo with food allergy safe by knowing where allergensare listed on a product’s nutrition label. Here’s how to do that. First step: listen to my latest Food Allergy and Your Kiddo podcast. On this show, I interview food allergy advocate Jen Jobrack. We discuss the history of

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    Mom challenges

    Food allergy moms are faced with challenges every day. Things like “do these cookies contain egg” and “I wonder if I should let my Sweet Pea go to that slumber party?” ring in your mind. All this while you also are making sure your kiddo knows to look both ways and take the ear buds

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    Food allergy podcast

    Demystifying Food Allergy via Podcast I am so excited to demystify food allergy through my new Food Allergy and Your Kiddo podcast! The infoblogcast – infoblog + podcast – is live! I hope you enjoy listening to this first episode of Food Allergy and Your Kiddo Podcast. So, to introduce this podcast, this episode is

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    Peanut Allergy Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) Palforzia

    Peanut allergy has an FDA-approved OIT treatment Peanut allergy affects 2-5% of children. The treatment plan for peanut allergy recommended by most academic allergy centers is avoidance of peanut – perhaps until now. Hello, Palforzia, the only FDA-approved treatment for peanut allergy. Palforzia works through the treatment process called oral immunotherapy (OIT). Read on to learn more

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    Early Peanut Oral Immunotherapy (OIT)

    Early Peanut Oral Immunotherapy (EPOIT) can decrease the severity of peanut allergy in young children. Say what?! Let’s discuss early peanut oral immunotherapy (EPOIT). “So let me get this straight: she’s allergic to peanut. But if we slowly start giving her tiny amounts of peanut, her allergy can decrease?“ Baby Sweetpea’s mom asked her allergist.

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