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Are you looking for a educational yet enjoyable podcast that demystifies your child’s food allergy? Tune in as Dr. Hoyt and food allergy mama Pam discuss:

  • Food allergy testing
  • Anxiety and mental health strategies regarding food allergy
  • Potential treatment options, now and future
  • And so much more!

Listen on your favorite podcast platform, or listen and learn even more in the articles below!

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    Food Allergy and Your Kiddo Articles & Podcast Episodes

    Food allergy and bullying

    Bullying comes in many flavors, and when it’s related to your kiddo’s food allergy, it’s even more heart-breaking and can be challenging to address. Bullying

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    Food allergy prevention in babies

    Feeding babies potentially allergenic foods… what does the evidence say about food allergy prevention? Recommendations for when to feed babies certain foods have changed over

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    Online food allergy testing

    Read this before ordering any “food allergy” testing online! Okay, food allergy mama+papa, let’s talk about online food allergy testing. There is evidence-based testing and

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    Gatherings, Parties, and Food Allergy

    Gatherings can be stressful, especially when managing food allergies! If your kiddo has food allergies, then gatherings – parties, tailgating, any food-associated get together (which,

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    Ingestion challenges for babies

    A baby can have a peanut allergy, and the peanut challenge procedure determines that diagnosis. You’ve probably heard about doctors recommending babies eat peanut to

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    Food allergy and the nutrition label

    Especially during COVID, it’s important to know where to find your kiddo with food allergy safe by knowing where allergensare listed on a product’s nutrition label. Here’s how

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    Mom challenges

    Food allergy moms are faced with challenges every day. Things like “do these cookies contain egg” and “I wonder if I should let my Sweet

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    Food allergy podcast

    Demystifying Food Allergy via Podcast I am so excited to demystify food allergy through my new Food Allergy and Your Kiddo podcast! The infoblogcast –

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