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food allergy and your kiddo Dr. Alice Hoyt
Alice Hoyt, MD, FAAAAI
food allergy and your kiddo Pam Lestage
Pamela Lestage, MBA

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    Food Allergy and Your Kiddo
    Articles & Podcast Episodes

    preventing nut allergies

    Preventing nut allergies, one puff at a time

    When it comes to feeding babies, all parents want to get it right. This is especially true when those parents are trying to introduce foods to their babies to prevent the development of food allergies like peanut allergy. Can food allergies like nut allergies be prevented? If so, does preventing nut allergies have to be complicated? Read to find out, and check out this fantastic podcast episode!

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    3 Back-to-School Strategies for Food Allergy Families

    Back-to-school time can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, especially for food allergy families. Meeting new teachers and starting new classes can be stressful enough, but add food allergy management to the mix, and the worry factor can jump ten-fold. But rest easy! Food allergy mom Pam Lestage and food allergist Dr. Hoyt recently discussed their three simple strategies to an awesome back-to-school. Check out this episode of the podcast for all the details, but here is an overview!

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    Top 3 Tips for an Awesome Summer with Food Allergies

    Summertime is a time for fun in the sun, but for families managing food allergies, summer can also be a time of anxiety. But don’t worry – you’ve got this! We’ve got your back with our top three tips for having an awesome summer with food allergies.

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    Allergy Versus Immune Tolerance

    In food allergy, the immune system is like a playground. The balance of allergy and immune tolerance is like a see-saw. Food allergy is not just the activation of allergy cells by a food. Food allergy is the lack of…

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    Food allergy and counseling

    De-Stress with Strategies from Tamara Hubbard, LCPC How often do you worry about your kiddo who has food allergy? And have you ever wondered if that amount of worry is “normal” ? Tune

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    Food allergy school policies

    Schools develop food allergy related policies to try to keep kids safe, but how many of these policies are evidence-based?  And how do policies impact the emotional well-being of kiddos with food allergy?

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    Food allergy and bullying

    Bullying comes in many flavors, and when it’s related to your kiddo’s food allergy, it’s even more heart-breaking and can be challenging to address. Bullying a kiddo with food allergy – what to

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    Parenting and school preparedness

    Co-host of the Food Allergy and Your Kiddo Podcast has picked her top three favorite posts! Topics Pam selected included parenting and being prepared for a medical emergency at school. Food allergy affects parenting and

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    Food allergy and nutrition strategies

    If your kiddo has a food allergy, then you may wonder “Is my Sweet Pea getting enough good nutrition despite the food allergy?” Food allergy and nutrition issues are questions that commonly within

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    Organize food allergy test results

    Maybe you have thought about this and somewhat organize your kiddo’s food allergy test results in a binder, or maybe you have the results available online. But just like in school when you

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    How an allergic reaction really works

    Have you ever wondered how an allergic reaction works? Wondered what is going on inside the human body during an allergic reaction? And what allows some people to have an allergic reaction while

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    How to read a medical journal article

    Have you ever wanted to read an article from a medical journal the way your doctor reads an article? Doctors learn how to read medical journal articles and other medical resources. The internet

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    Food allergy prevention in babies

    Feeding babies potentially allergenic foods… what does the evidence say about food allergy prevention? Recommendations for when to feed babies certain foods have changed over the years, including recommendations on how on food

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    Food allergen labeling made easy!

    Have you ever attended a party and wished the food had been labeled for allergens? I know I have! Food allergen labeling is super helpful! IMHO, food allergen labeling makes meals taste better.

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    Online food allergy testing

    Read this before ordering any “food allergy” testing online! Okay, food allergy mama+papa, let’s talk about online food allergy testing. There is evidence-based testing and NON evidence-based testing, but differentiating between the two

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    Parenting a Kiddo with Food Allergy

    Parenting is hard enough, but with food allergy too? Knowing the kryptonite is a great first step! Y’all, parenting ain’t easy (can I get a high-five, fist-bump, all from at least 6 feet away,

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    Gatherings, Parties, and Food Allergy

    Gatherings can be stressful, especially when managing food allergies! If your kiddo has food allergies, then gatherings – parties, tailgating, any food-associated get together (which, especially when you’re from the south, is basically

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    School nurses are allergy superheroes

    When you think about what your school nurse does all day, you may think about your kiddo with food allergy (as you should!) and Sweet Pea’s epi auto-injector and action plan.  Or maybe

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    Ingestion challenges for babies

    A baby can have a peanut allergy, and the peanut challenge procedure determines that diagnosis. You’ve probably heard about doctors recommending babies eat peanut to prevent peanut allergy, and this recommendation differs from

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    Food allergy and the nutrition label

    Especially during COVID, it’s important to know where to find your kiddo with food allergy safe by knowing where allergensare listed on a product’s nutrition label. Here’s how to do that. First step: listen to my

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    Mom challenges

    Food allergy moms are faced with challenges every day. Things like “do these cookies contain egg” and “I wonder if I should let my Sweet Pea go to that slumber party?” ring in

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    Food allergy podcast

    Demystifying Food Allergy via Podcast I am so excited to demystify food allergy through my new Food Allergy and Your Kiddo podcast! The infoblogcast – infoblog + podcast – is live! I hope

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    Early Peanut Oral Immunotherapy (OIT)

    Early Peanut Oral Immunotherapy (EPOIT) can decrease the severity of peanut allergy in young children. Say what?! Let’s discuss early peanut oral immunotherapy (EPOIT). “So let me get this straight: she’s allergic to

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