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Today is the day your knowledge of food allergy prepares to soar, and your fear of "what if" begins to fade.

Your family’s food allergy journey may have just begun, or you and your kiddo may be well acquainted with navigating life with food allergy.

Wherever you are on your journey, this is the place and food allergy podcast where you will find accurate information from allergists, researchers, academic journals, and other credible sources, all while highlighting the hope that exists in this advancing field and focusing on the joy that comes with being a parent.

Welcome to the start of your more information,
less stress approach to food allergy!

Have you experienced these challenges in parenting a kiddo with food allergy?

The Need for Credible,
Helpful Resources

Food allergy families are savvy, and they want accurate information to help them navigate the day-to-day and to provide anticipatory guidance on what to expect at different ages and stages as well as support in managing the mental health aspects of this disease.

The Emotional

Although it is rare for a child to die of anaphylaxis, the potential that such a tragic event could occur is absolutely nerve-wracking. Combine that with having to discuss your kiddo’s food allergy with so many people just to keep your kiddo safe, and frustrations can and do occur.

The Ever-Changing

Every family’s path is unique, but there are milestones you may experience. These may include a period of unknown as you are awaiting further evaluation by a specialist. Or perhaps you are mourning your loss of normalcy or relationships are strained due to the new restrictions on your child. You may also face financial challenges that were not a concern prior to diagnosis.

These challenges are real, and Dr. Hoyt's food allergy podcast is here to help you navigate them all.

Get all the latest up-to-date info on food allergy and your kiddo!

Recent Articles & Podcast Episodes

Disney World Food Allergy

Disney Planning Tips for Families with Food Allergy

Disney and food allergy go together like Mickey and Minnie! If you’ve ever been to Walt Disney World, then you know that a lot of planning goes into those magical memories. If your kiddo has food allergy, then you may also know how accomodating Disney is for dietary differences. And if you have food allergy

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Food allergy and counseling

De-Stress with Strategies from Tamara Hubbard, LCPC How often do you worry about your kiddo who has food allergy? And have you ever wondered if that amount of worry is “normal” ? Tune in to this episode of the Food Allergy and Your Kiddo Podcast with me, Dr. Alice Hoyt, and my good friend Pam

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anaphylaxis Allison Rose

Turning anaphylaxis tragedy into purpose

Death from anaphylaxis is rare. But when it happens to your child, the rarity of it doesn’t matter. And how do you move forward? Here is what the Suhy’s do… The Allison Rose Foundation is fighting anaphylaxis. I’m honored to be joined on this episode with Mike and Becca Suhy of the Allison Rose Foundation. Mike

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Food allergy school policies

Schools develop food allergy related policies to try to keep kids safe, but how many of these policies are evidence-based?  And how do policies impact the emotional well-being of kiddos with food allergy? Let’s discuss what’s being investigated in school policies and food allergy! Join me as I talk with my colleague Ashley Lahoud of

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food allergy parent needs

Food allergy and parenting – the parent needs…

When it comes to parenting a kiddo with food allergy, remembering that epi is only one of the many challenges faced. Three common themes amongst parents of kiddos with food allergy. When it comes to food allergy, parents have needs surrounding three themes: anxiety, the need for resources, and the concept that the experience is

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