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How School Nurses are Preparing for Back-to-School with COVID

Have you ever wondered how school nurses prepare for your kiddos with food allergy? Especially with COVID, how are school nurses getting ready to help their schools take best possible care of students with food allergies?

I was honored to speak with one of my favorite groups of school nurses and provide guidance on this issue. Now I want to share that session and the resources I used in that session with you!

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So what are the Big 8 Recommendations for back-to-school with food allergy?

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Here are the Big 8 Recommendations from the JACI In Practice article, and school nurses can encourage their schools to apply these recommendations:

  1. Wash hands. Clean surfaces. Don’t share food.
  2. Food allergen bans are NOT medically necessary.
  3. Adapt 504 plans to work with new school restrictions.
  4. Stock epinephrine in all schools!
  5. Train ALL school personnel to recognize and treat anaphylaxis.
  6. ZERO tolerance for bullying.
  7. Unique approaches may be necessary in some schools and classrooms.
  8. Communication is PARAMOUNT to ensure success!


What’s your question on food allergy and school nurses? On COVID?

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Additional Show Notes

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