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Food Allergy Office Hours for Parents

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Food Allergy Office Hours Kiddo and mom

What are your food allergy questions?

A diagnosis of food allergy comes with a lot of questions. Then after one question is answered, another three seem to appear. You see your kiddo's allergist at least once a year, but the appointments seem to fly by, and there never seems to be enough time to really discuss everything. So you go to Dr. Google, and the rabbit hole begins.

Google no more.

Schedule a session to discuss your questions on all things food allergies. And because this is an educational discussion and not a doctor's visit…

Any parent can participate from anywhere, no matter where you live.

Schedule your session of Food Allergy Office Hours for Parents.

You will be directed to the Hoyt Institute of Food Allergy, where you'll learn more about Office Hours and how to sign up! 

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