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Feeding Your Baby

photo of mom and baby, mom feeding baby a bottle, doing early food allergen introduction since Ready Set Food could be in the bottle

An Easy Approach to Early Food Allergen Introduction with Dr. Katie Marks Cogan

You’ve heard about “early food allergen introduction…” Early food allergen introduction is important to help prevent babies from developing food allergies. While it is not 100% effective, it has been shown to help significantly decrease the risk of food allergies. It works by teaching the baby’s immune system to grow tolerance to a food from

top 3 food allergy podcast episodes

3 Top Food Allergy Podcast Episodes from Dr. Alice Hoyt in 2022

From OIT to FPIES to all types of food allergies, Dr. Alice Hoyt covered a lot in 2022! Is your favorite food allergy podcast episode on the list?

food allergist discusses food allergies

Inside the Mind of a Food Allergist: Types of Food Allergies

Have you ever wondered what a food allergist is thinking when he or she is asking you so so so many specific questions? And why he or she keeps interrupting you to get very minute details about your kiddo’s story? It’s because the food allergist is trying to determine…

preventing nut allergies

Preventing nut allergies, one puff at a time

When it comes to feeding babies, all parents want to get it right. This is especially true when those parents are trying to introduce foods to their babies to prevent the development of food allergies like peanut allergy. Can food allergies like nut allergies be prevented? If so, does preventing nut allergies have to be complicated? Read to find out, and check out this fantastic podcast episode!

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