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April 2022

The Mamma’s Guide to Food Allergy Skin & Blood Testing

Food allergy skin and blood testing can be confusing. I wrote this ebook to educate parents on food allergy skin prick and blood testing.

picture of red ring pop with child in background

Are Ring Pops Gluten-Free? How to Determine if Snacks are Safe!

Have you ever wondered if Ring Pops are gluten-free? Or maybe you’ve wondered if Saf-T-Pops are indeed safe for your kiddo with peanut allergy? When it comes to determining whether a food is

happy family eating

Food Allergy Awareness Month: How You Can Prepare to Spread the Word About Food Allergy

Food allergy awareness month starts soon. This is an important time because it shines a light on this important issue.

Dr. Alice Hoyt and Rep. Stephanie Hilferty discusses with the media why stock epinephrine legislation for early childhood centers is critical.

Stock Epinephrine and the Laws that Support It: Louisiana Edition

Stock epinephrine is epinephrine prescribed to an entity, such as a school, to be used in an allergy emergency. Epinephrine is the medication that stops and treats the life-threatening allergic reaction “anaphylaxis.” Some young children…

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