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August 2022

preventing nut allergies

Preventing nut allergies, one puff at a time

When it comes to feeding babies, all parents want to get it right. This is especially true when those parents are trying to introduce foods to their babies to prevent the development of food allergies like peanut allergy. Can food allergies like nut allergies be prevented? If so, does preventing nut allergies have to be complicated? Read to find out, and check out this fantastic podcast episode!

3 Back-to-School Strategies for Food Allergy Families

Back-to-school time can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, especially for food allergy families. Meeting new teachers and starting new classes can be stressful enough, but add food allergy management to the mix, and the worry factor can jump ten-fold. But rest easy! Food allergy mom Pam Lestage and food allergist Dr. Hoyt recently discussed their three simple strategies to an awesome back-to-school. Check out this episode of the podcast for all the details, but here is an overview!

Dr. Alice Hoyt and Rep. Stephanie Hilferty advocate for stock epinephrine legislation for early childhood centers.

UPDATE! Stock Epinephrine and the Laws that Support It: Louisiana Edition

Stock epinephrine and anaphylaxis training save lives. But do all states permit early childcare centers to stock epinephrine or even require center staff know how to prevent recognize, and respond to anaphylaxis? No. But now Louisiana does!

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