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Special Q&A Series

Answering YOUR Questions About
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Food allergy is complicated, but it doesn't have to be confusing.

This series was created by a food allergy physician especially for parents!

In this series, board-certified allergist Dr. Alice Hoyt answers some of the most common food allergy questions she receives from patients, school staff, blog readers, and podcast listeners. In short videos, created specifically for parents of kiddos with food allergies, Dr. Hoyt walks you through the answer to the question. Food allergies continue to be demystified in this parent-focused series!

If you are the parent of a kiddo with food allergy, then this series is for you!

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Q&A #1

"Do food allergies cause eczema?"

Food allergies and eczema definitely have a connection, but it may not be what you think! Check out this Q&A with Dr. Hoyt for the facts on food allergies and eczema!

Want more information? Read this post by Dr. Hoyt!

Q&A #2

"Can an epinephrine auto-injector be administered through clothing?"

This is a super common question, and it's answered in this quick video. Plus you'll learn about the 3 definitions of anaphylaxis!

Want more information about epinephrine? Read this post by Dr. Hoyt!

Q&A #3

"Does a positive food allergy test always mean food allergy?"

Food allergy testing can be super confusing. In this quick video, learn what positive tests and negative tests may – and may not necessarily – mean!

Want more information? Read this post by Dr. Hoyt!

Q&A #4

"When should my kiddo be tested for food allergies? And repeat testing?"

Food allergy testing should only be performed when specific criteria are met or else you risk false positives and false negatives. Learn how in this video!

Want more information about epinephrine? Read this post by Dr. Hoyt!

Q&A #5

"What really is OIT?" (oral immunotherapy)

Have you ever wondered what OIT – oral immunotherapy – really is and what the OIT journey may look like for your kiddo with food allergy? Check out this video!

Want more information? Enroll in this course by Dr. Hoyt!

Q&A #6

"Can my kiddo outgrow food allergies?"

Ah, one of the ultimate questions, right? Check out this short video for info on this important question!

Want more information about the different types of food allergies? Read this post and hear the accompanying podcast by Dr. Hoyt!

Bonus Video!
"Can smelling an allergen cause an allergic reaction?"

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Need an Allergist?

Find one near you with these Allergist-Finder Tools! The Food Allergy Support Team (FAST) even has an OIT Allergist Finder Tool, so if you've been wondering where to go near you to see an allergist who includes OIT within his or her practice, then this tool may be especially helpful for you.

Stay tuned for more Q&A's!

And, of course, the disclaimer...
Remember, Dr. Hoyt is an allergist, but she is not your allergist. She and Pam create this content to enhance your food allergy journey. All information here is intended for educational purposes and is in no way medical advice. Your kiddo's food allergy journey is unique, which is one of many reasons it must include a board-certified allergist. So talk with your allergist about the information you're learning from this series and from all the resources from Food Allergy and Your Kiddo.
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