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photo of mom and baby, mom feeding baby a bottle, doing early food allergen introduction since Ready Set Food could be in the bottle

The Risks of SLIT and OIT in Food Allergy – What You Need to Know

Okay, let’s get to it. What are the risks of OIT and SLIT for kiddos with food allergies? In this podcast episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with board-certified allergist and pediatrician, Dr. Sakina Bajawala. Our discussion centered on strategies to enhance safety during food immunotherapies and ways to conquer food allergy fears. We

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Oral immunotherapy and sublingual immunotherapy – for your kiddo?

Like many parents of kiddos with food allergies, this disease may cause you much anxiety, and you’ve wished there was a way to help keep your kiddo safe. Oral immunotherapy (OIT) and sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) may be options, but who are good candidates for these treatments?

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