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Ingestion challenges for babies

A baby can have a peanut allergy, and the peanut challenge procedure determines that diagnosis. You’ve probably heard about doctors recommending babies eat peanut to prevent peanut allergy, and this recommendation differs from that of 20 years ago. At that time, doctors recommended babies avoid this potentially allergenic food. So there were not many ingestion …

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Food allergy podcast

Demystifying Food Allergy via Podcast I am so excited to demystify food allergy through my new Food Allergy and Your Kiddo podcast! The infoblogcast – infoblog + podcast – is live! I hope you enjoy listening to this first episode of Food Allergy and Your Kiddo Podcast. So, to introduce this podcast, this episode is …

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Peanut Allergy Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) Palforzia

Peanut allergy has an FDA-approved OIT treatment Peanut allergy affects 2-5% of children. The treatment plan for peanut allergy recommended by most academic allergy centers is avoidance of peanut – perhaps until now. Hello, Palforzia, the only FDA-approved treatment for peanut allergy. Palforzia works through the treatment process called oral immunotherapy (OIT). Read on to learn more …

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