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Food allergen labeling made easy!

Have you ever attended a party and wished the food had been labeled for allergens? Food allergen labeling is super helpful! Food allergen labeling makes meals taste better. This is because guests with food allergies and other special diet needs feel more confident that the food is safe to enjoy. Labeling foods for allergens can […]

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Online food allergy testing

Read this before ordering any “food allergy” testing online! Okay, food allergy mama+papa, let’s talk about online food allergy testing. There is evidence-based testing and NON evidence-based testing, but differentiating between the two can be challenging, even for the most seasoned food allergy parent!  In this episode of the podcast, Pam and I discuss food

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Parenting a Kiddo with Food Allergy

Parenting is hard enough, but with food allergy too? Knowing the kryptonite is a great first step! Y’all, parenting ain’t easy (can I get a high-five, fist-bump, all from at least 6 feet away, of course), and parenting a kiddo with food allergy takes things to another level. You may feel like you are Super Mario

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Gatherings, Parties, and Food Allergy

Gatherings can be stressful, especially when managing food allergies! If your kiddo has food allergies, then gatherings – parties, tailgating, any food-associated get together (which, especially when you’re from the south, is basically any get-together) – can cause stress. You are worried, appropriately so, that your kiddo will eat something to which Sweet Pea is

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