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Online food allergy testing

Read this before ordering any “food allergy” testing online! Okay, food allergy mama+papa, let’s talk about online food allergy testing. There is evidence-based testing and NON evidence-based testing, but differentiating between the two can be challenging, even for the most seasoned food allergy parent!  In this episode of the podcast, Pam and I discuss food

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Parenting a Kiddo with Food Allergy

Parenting is hard enough, but with food allergy too? Knowing the kryptonite is a great first step! Y’all, parenting ain’t easy (can I get a high-five, fist-bump, all from at least 6 feet away, of course), and parenting a kiddo with food allergy takes things to another level. You may feel like you are Super Mario

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Gatherings, Parties, and Food Allergy

Gatherings can be stressful, especially when managing food allergies! If your kiddo has food allergies, then gatherings – parties, tailgating, any food-associated get together (which, especially when you’re from the south, is basically any get-together) – can cause stress. You are worried, appropriately so, that your kiddo will eat something to which Sweet Pea is

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