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Food allergy and bullying

Bullying comes in many flavors, and when it’s related to your kiddo’s food allergy, it’s even more heart-breaking and can be challenging to address. Bullying a kiddo with food allergy – what to do? I’m delighted to have on the podcast my friend and colleague Jodi Shroba, CPNP, from Children’s Mercy Kansas City Food Allergy Center. Jodi …

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Parenting and school preparedness

Co-host of the Food Allergy and Your Kiddo Podcast has picked her top three favorite posts! Topics Pam selected included parenting and being prepared for a medical emergency at school. Food allergy affects parenting and school life. Pam’s favorite episodes are three really tactical episodes regarding parenting, and school. Tune in to this episode to hear why …

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Research in treating early food allergy and on preventing anaphylaxis

This past week, I attended the AAAAI meeting. My teams and I presented research posters on treating early food allergy and on treating and preventing anaphylaxis at schools. So we were pretty busy! And, more specifically, we discussed early peanut oral immunotherapy and the heterogeneity of stock epinephrine laws. Treating Food Allergy with Early Peanut …

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Food allergy and nutrition strategies

If your kiddo has a food allergy, then you may wonder “Is my Sweet Pea getting enough good nutrition despite the food allergy?” Food allergy and nutrition issues are questions that commonly within families of kiddos with food allergy, so I reached out to world renown food allergy and nutrition expert Carina Venter, PhD, RD, to get …

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Food allergy prevention in babies

Feeding babies potentially allergenic foods… what does the evidence say about food allergy prevention? Recommendations for when to feed babies certain foods have changed over the years, including recommendations on how on food allergy prevention. You may have had one set of recommendations for one child, then with another child, you had different recommendations! So …

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