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Food Allergy Parent's Resource Toolbox

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    In the Toolbox, you will have access to Dr. Hoyt's favorite tools for food allergy families. These tools will help make your family’s life easier as you navigate the world with food allergy. Dr. Hoyt creates and curates these tools especially for the Food Allergy and Your Kiddo newsletter subscribers. Join today!

    Helpful tools for parents, such as:

    • “Nice to Meet You” Form
    • Food Allergy College Checklist
    • Babysitter Guide
    • Evacuation Checklist
    • Food Challenge Checklist
    • Much more!
    Food Allergy Toolbox Preview

    The goal of these tools is to help make your life with food allergy easier. Use these in conjunction with the care of a board-certified allergist, who will help you understand your child's food allergy. Teamwork makes the dream work!

    Are you in need of an allergist in your area? Check out these allergist finder tools:

    AAAAI Allergist Finder:
    ACAAI Allergist Finder:
    OIT Allergist Finder:

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