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Food Allergy and Your Kiddo testing ebook
Are you tired of wondering what food allergy tests really mean?
Get this food allergy testing ebook by board-certified allergist Dr. Alice Hoyt.
The Food Allergy Mamma's Guide to Food Allergy Skin & Blood Testing: What It All Really Means!
If you're ready to get the facts on food allergy skin and blood testing, explained in mom-focused language and with lots of helpful pictures, get this ebook.

Do you really understand food allergy testing?

Millions of children have food allergies or are being evaluated for food allergies. If you are like most of those moms, you are wondering what food allergy testing really is.

How does testing work?

Are skin and blood tests accurate?

What do results mean for my child?

Will it hurt?

These are all great questions that Dr. Hoyt answers in this food allergy testing ebook!
Dr. Alice Hoyt food allergy
Hi there! I'm Dr. Alice Hoyt. I'm a board-certified allergist and focus my practice solely on food allergies. That's right! All food allergies, all the time! After being trained by allergy juggernauts and helping to launch amazing, collaborative initiatives such as Cleveland Clinic's Food Allergy Center of Excellence, I've seen firsthand how food allergies impact families. Allergy tests can play a big role in that impact! That's why I wanted a realistic, organized, economical way to provide evidence-based information on food allergy testing to all families. Hence this ebook!

What have other mammas said?

LisaDoctor and the Mom of a Kiddo with Food Allergy
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"Super informative and easy to digest!!!"
NicholeNurse Practitioner and Mother
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"The book is very nicely organized, the content is good and easy to understand, coloring/format/pictures are perfect."
Dr. HoytAuthor and Board-Certified Alllergist
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"I wanted to share GOOD information beyond my office walls. This is how!"
food allergy testing ebook
This ebook is for you if…
You've tried to figure this stuff out yourself…

Let's face it – there is a LOT of information available these days. Between websites and social media, you've probably Googled lots of your questions about food allergies. And you may have asked a question in a Facebook group. While these outlets can serve great purposes, they can also provide you with misinformation, disinformation, and information-overload. This ebook takes all that away! In a thoughtfully organized, no fluff approach, Dr. Hoyt has created this ebook to meet the needs of moms who are looking for accurate information.

You've seen an allergist but still have questions…

Seeing an allergist is one of the best things you can do if you suspect your child has food allergy or if another healthcare professional has diagnosed your kiddo with food allergy. Allergists go to medical school, then complete an internship, residency, and fellowship before they start practicing independently. Plus, they take multiple tests to earn their board certifications. They know some stuff!

But sometimes knowing stuff doesn't always translate into communicating well with patients, so many physicians don't answer all of a patient's questions for one reason or another. This ebook will help you get your answers from your allergist. By you becoming more informed on food allergy testing, you will be able to pose questions to your allergists and receive evidence-based, patient-specific answers. This is the help you've been looking for!

food allergy testing ebook
Dr. Hoyt has included TWO special bonuses  for you to use on your food allergy journey!
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