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OIT Dosing Sticker Chart and Safety Checklist


The OIT sticker charts and safety checklist make dosing more fun and safer!


OIT is an everyday therapy, so why not make it fun with a sticker chart!

These sticker charts allow you to incorporate a small reward for your kiddo each time your Sweet Pea takes the day's dose. Plus, it is printable in black-and-white with Dr. Hoyt's sweet caterpillar and butterfly friends, just waiting for your kiddo to make them their own! One chart is for when you are doing build-up, and the other chart is for when you are on maintenance.

Plus, because safety is THE top priority for OIT, these fabulous sticker charts also come with the OIT Safety Checklist. Print this and laminate it so you can check off each item prior to each dose. Before using the checklist, show it to your allergist so it can be personalized for your Sweet Pea.

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